Blog post by Kimberly Miller, Palm Beach Post – August 9, 2016

100 artificial reef modules prepare to be lowered off the Jupiter Inlet as part of the Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation.

A sudden breeze cut through the heavy humid air Monday morning, brushing across Martha Harris like a cool sigh from the heavens.

More than a mile northeast of the Jupiter Inlet, the Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation began the ambitious project Monday of sinking 100 modules to form an artificial reef and marine sanctuary to honor Andrew, who was killed in a 2014 snorkeling accident near DuBois Park in Jupiter.

Monday’s endeavor was the second mission of its kind for the foundation, but on a much grander scale. Last year, it sank 40 artificial reef cells about 3.5 miles off the Jupiter inlet that were built to mimic Bahamian coral heads.

“I am so proud that we are honoring Andrew in a way that is fitting for him because he loved Jupiter and was passionate about the sea,” Martha Harris said. “He called Jupiter paradise.”

Andrew, who attended Jupiter High School and graduated from Florida State University, was 26 when he was died.

Scott Harris, Andrew’s father, said initially they tried setting up a scholarship in Andrew’s name, but when it didn’t get much traction, he turned to building artificial reefs.

“There are so many threats to our reefs, so creating more habitat is essential,” Scott Harris said Monday while watching from a boat as the pieces of the artificial reef were lowered from a barge into about 50 feet of water. “Andrew loved fishing and diving. He would be out here every day.”

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