The Summer 2017 edition of Guy Harvey Magazine includes an article on The Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation titled “Building Reefs for a Cause”.

When you work on a noble cause, you will usually find success. That is certainly the case with the Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation, an organization that was born out of tragedy but today has gained the attention of thousands of water lovers for building innovative, artificial reefs. They’ve even caught the eye of country music superstar Kenny Chesney.

If building reefs began an emotionally healing process for the Harris family, it also had the side benefit of advancing the science of artificial reefs. Placing many of their reef modules on a site where an ancient natural reef once existed has been clearing the smothering sand from the underlying bedrock and re-exposing the natural sea floor. “It’s more important where you build an artificial reef than what you build it with,” Harris said. “And we think we have the best possible site: thin sand over flat bedrock in shallow water with good visibility. It’s our hope that researchers use our work as a substrate for advancing the science of reef building.”

Read the entire article here “Building Reefs for a Cause”:

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