Artificial Reef Projects

Since 2015, The Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation has placed 291 modules, 1250 tons of boulders totalling 134,000 square feet of artificial reef of the coast of Jupiter and Juno Beach, Florida in North Palm Beach County!

Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation Projects

The Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the marine environment by building artificial reef structures off the coast of South Florida with an emphasis on northern Palm Beach County. The foundation will work to create large new reefs and wrecks in depths appropriate for SCUBA divers and smaller reefs near shore in depths appropriate for snorkelers.


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All reefs will be created under the direction of the appropriate environmental agencies and the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resource Management (ERM) in pursuit of our common goal of enhancing the marine environment.


Our natural marine ecosystems have been severely impacted by coastal development, increased user pressure and many other factors. The reduction of these habitats has led to the decline in the abundance of marine life and coral reefs in general.


By building and maintaining artificial reefs, The Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation and others, are creating new habitats to help offset the pressure put on natural reef structures. Thus providing new habitat for the many species of fish and marine life that call South Florida home.


Scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing are huge boosts to the Palm Beach County economy and provide thousands of jobs, so ensuring the sustainability of our marine environment not only makes good environmental sense…it makes good economic sense.


Tons of Boulders

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