Andrew “Red” Harris Lagoon Modules by Shawn McCall

One Year Later at the Blue Heron Bridge. On November 17th 2016, 15 lagoon coral head modules were placed on the snorkel trail at Phil Foster park under the Blue Heron Bridge by the Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation. We got the chance to check out the modules one day after deployment on November 18th, 2016 on a particularly clear day. One year later, marine life have taken over the modules. There is so much life on them from the very bottom, all the way to the top. After a very murky fall due to all the storms and run-off, we finally got a clear enough day to get a little video to compare what the modules look like one year later! Please check out the Anrew Harris Foundation for more information about this and many more artificial reef projects they have been working on. If you have experience with artificial reefs, let me know in the comments below, and of course if you are new to the channel, subscribe for weekly content on marine life and nature from Florida and beyond!

Video: Shawn McCall – Shawn’s YouTube Channel


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