Personalized Reefs and Plaques

Since 2015, The Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation has placed 291 modules, 1250 tons of boulders totalling 134,000 square feet of artificial reef of the coast of Jupiter and Juno Beach, Florida in North Palm Beach County!

Now you can have your very own  personalized reef or plaque for your company, family or in memory of a loved one.

Personalized Reefs and Plaques


“We will fund construction of the reefs with part of the funds we have raised so far, by giving naming rights and design input to individuals, families, groups, clubs, businesses and others for $5,000 per module and with future fundraising events.”

Scott Harris, President of Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation


The Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation is pleased to announce we have created a non-profit partnership to manufacture huge coral reef replicas to be modeled after the coral heads found in the Bahamas!


The coral reef replica modules are manufactured by REEF CELLS and will be placed in clusters and aligned in north – south corridors in 30 to 90 feet of water on permitted artificial reef sites between Juno Beach and Jupiter, Florida.


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The coral replicas will range in size up to 8 feet tall, wide and deep. We are going to build beautiful Bahama-like reefs off Jupiter and Juno!



Do you know someone who would like to have their own coral head off Jupiter?

Give Someone You Love an Artificial Reef!
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