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Metal Picture Sponsor Thank You

We just received our first metal picture sponsor thank you and it looks great. It was originally described as 18" x 10" box mounted metal prints to be used as a thank you for our $500 sponsors, but...

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Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation

We honor Andrew’s memory and build his legacy by creating huge artificial reefs in northern Palm Beach County. The reefs we build “enhance and protect the marine environment” as they build thriving new marine life populations where bare sand existed before.
The foundation has built over two miles of offshore reefs since 2014 and will build much more in future years.
Donors to our son’s foundation can rest assured that 100% of their contribution will go to building artificial reefs.

Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation featured in Guy Harvey Magazine

Here is an excerpt from the article published in 2021

“Over the past seven years, the Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation has raised and spent more than $2.5 million to build more than 2 miles of offshore reefs. That includes 36 deployments comprised of 6,250 tons of limestone boulders, 300 4-ton “coral head” modules, 280 3-ton “hollow boulders,” 4,000 8-foot-long concrete culverts that weighed between 1 and 3 tons, and a 17-foot-tall replica of the Jupiter Lighthouse.

This is not your casual weekend project.

The Foundation has created this immense amount of habitat, and it has enhanced the marine environment in ways no one anticipated. Also, something unexpected emerged. Scott Harris, Red’s father, has become somewhat of an artificial reef guru.”