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“I didn’t get to speak with you at the service, there were so many more that you needed to be with and you needed the time to share. But I thank you for the beautiful service, and making even those you didn’t know feel so welcome. I felt out of place in my Guy Harvey saltwater fish blouse, but thought Andrew would think it was cool.

So I wore it for him.

Andrew was such a breath of fresh air in our little condo community. I watched his grace and elegance and his way with people and saw I should have done things much differently.

The community has a huge hole in its heart with him gone, but it is just another testament to his versatility and that serenity and confidence that all of you spoke of on Friday.

I took for granted that I would see him several times a week and every weekend. Two doors down, so simple things like taking out the garbage and doing laundry, even those tasks of everyday life; but a word or five or fifty from him and suddenly everything was brighter, funnier. He had the greatest smile I will miss every day.

I ate Kingfish for the first time, and loved it, thanks to your son.

I realize it cannot compare with your loss, but this building feels so cold right now and dark. So you should know that this enigmatic person just floated about making everyone he came in contact with happier to be alive. I think we are all so scared that maybe we didn’t watch over him hard enough that day. We all will have to live with that.

But we all enjoyed him and I know everyone here loved him dearly. We will attempt to honor him by remembering his joyful presence and there will always be a safe dock here for him in all of our hearts. I know board discussion is already underway for a permanent plaque here commemorating him at ( ).

I met a woman at the service who told me that he was trying to save that girl that was struggling in harms way. I think she sat next to me for a reason. Now it finally makes sense. I know that that is the truth.

I know I am not alone in saying you have to encounter greatness, so that it can rub off on you.

I’m so grateful that some of his gold dust had a chance to sprinkle on me. I hope I haven’t upset you, but I thank you so much for allowing me to speak about what could have been just a random acquaintance, who turned into such a touchstone of my life. I feel so lucky I met Andrew. I found out after the service; I guess I was just one of many, given who he was, but I think it would matter to him, and I hope you too; Andrew changed my life for the better. I can count on one hand people I know that I can say that about.

I am sure you knew it wasn’t just his close friends and family that he had such an overwhelmingly positive effect on, but I thought it bared repeating, especially now. It was how he lived and breathed.

Thank you for raising such an incredible person, who at so young an age had the ability to inspire people to enhance and change their lives.

I hope I am not being overbearing here, but if you find a fish t shirt of Andrew’s without a home, I would be honored to wear it with pride. I hope I am not out of bounds here. but it would truly mean the world to me.

It is two weeks now, but I am without a clue as to why this happened. I hope I get to meet you someday.

All my love,”

One of countless Andrew Harris fans for life