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Is there a young reader on your Christmas List?

Many of you have enjoyed reading the “Professor Clark the Science Shark books to your children and grandchildren over the past 5 years. The authors, Karen and Scott Lamberson, have just-released the Book 6 addition to their 5 book “Professor Clark the Science Shark” series! The progressive book series tells the story of how Andrew met Professor Clark in “Jupiter, FL” and they went on to be lifelong friends. The marine animals communicate their needs and problems to the human world through Andrew.
The Foundation bought and donated 11,000 of the 5 book sets to every third grade classroom in Florida in 2018 thanks to a donation from the Florida Blue Foundation.
Book 6 is $20 (it’s larger than the other books), a set of books 1 -5 is $40. You can pick them up at our house. If you need them shipped it is $5 for one book, $10 for 5-6 books and $5 for each additional set. You can pay through our website via the Donate page. Email instructions to scottharrisins@gmail.com 561-718-7348.