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“Scott & Martha,

I know your world has been turned upside down with the passing of Andrew. MP & I think and talk about him often, of your family and the pain you all have been suffering. He was more then a child and son of yours, but a young man that was created and influenced by the love, direction and teachings the two of you bestowed upon him. And what a model man he became under your guidance.

While today marks the two month milestone since this tragic day which took him away, it still seems like yesterday, but in retrospect his remarkable influence on us all will live forever. What I remember most, is his mild calming manner in which he conducted himself. I never found him to be confrontational, but always inquisitive as he was searching for information to improve upon his daily life and to assist others that could use direction. That passion to learn and then in turn help others was a gift.

I had the privilege of spending some quality time with him skiing in Utah the last two seasons, and it was nothing but a pleasure. Skiing in the tree’s, in the powder, he just couldn’t get enough of it. He loved the freedom and ability to share with his extended family, Nature and the outdoors in the mountains. He was very passionate about learning how to ski better and improve his skills. Just like in his everyday life, learning from you on the Insurance business, and from Martha on how to treat others kindly, with a smile and enthusiasm that is infectious. I don’t believe he had a mean bone or hair in his body. He didn’t even need to know you in order to provide support to a stranger, with a helping hand or kind words and always with that quirky smile. And his ability to be empowered, and provide positive actions on behalf of another without even being asked was remarkable.

We can all learn from him, and his ability to bring calm to a storm and reach out to others in need. His legacy and passion will stay within our hearts and I hope we in turn can learn to mimic many of the actions he demonstrated to us on a daily basis to enrich the lives of others.

Andrew was a gift of God that has returned to him, much earlier then we all would have liked, but his influence on us all will be forever lasting in our lives. I know words cannot fully describe his character, and they will not overcome the sorrow we feel, but we are all united with you and your family as we take time to reflect on his life over and over and the positive impact he has on our lives as we try to move forward.

We love you all and will support you in anyway we can to help at a moments notice. Please reach out any time you need an ear to listen, a hand to grab, a smile to see or a word of encouragement.”

With kind regards,